Monday, September 05, 2005

Code Warriors 2005, SQL Whiz 2005 at MUGH, Hyderabad

Time for curtain UP!!!

MUGH ( has lot of action for developers and technology experts this year. As said in promised in this post, we have bought two back to back events for tech-savy professionals.

SQL Whiz 2005 - This is SQL Server White paper contest for Hyderabadis out there, who want to show case their technical skills on Microsoft SQL Server. I am sure, this contest will bring up the SQL guru in you, and you can feel the difference. Wait...... you can have lot of goodies, books, tee-shirts. Ofcourse, a certificate of recognition will come for all winning entries signed by community gurus and champs at Microsoft.

Come, show case your SQL Skills at SQL Whiz 2005.....

Code Warriors 2005 - An ultimate development challenge for all Microsoft technology users. Horn your Whidbey skills, tame your applications and win lot of prizes !!!! The contest is commencing soon, and you can start preparing right now... For preliminary round, submit documents about the application you are going to work on, leveraging Whidbey. Once your entries are valuated, then you can submit a working copy of the application for final evaluation.

Again..... You application shall be showcase for entire community at gotdotnet, apart that, you recieve lot of prizes, books signed by Microsoft experts.

Come on, start working on... After all, its your code and your sword for code warriors 2005 at MUGH!!!

Find more about contest at

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Events, Contests gala at MUGH - Part I unfolds

MUGH, short for Microsoft Users Group, Hyderabad is launching events that tend to bring out best in you. This contest is open for all Indian Residents :) who have a passion for Microsoft latest technologies (none other than .NET 2005) and SQL Server.

We have two series of events occuring, and part one is unfolding today. SQL Whiz 2005 is a SQL white paper contest, where in you can show case your strong architecture, design and technical skills in form of white paper, that caters to SQL technologies. Promoted by INETA, Satyam, Infotech, Microsoft, the event is a unique blend of professionalism and passion. Community blog has just been updated, and its really thrilling!!! []

Watch out this space for more info on SQL Whiz 2005 and Part II event updates.